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I was not excited about it. My teeth did not look even and I was very self conscious about my smile.

I felt very comfortable with the office staff and Dr Hoskins. They made me feel at ease and answered all my questions that I had. They also made sure I was able to get the procedure done before my wedding. In addition, Dr. Hoskins made a special trip to the office after hours to treat a problem I was having! He was GREAT!

I definitely feel more confident about my smile. My wedding photos also look great because of the work Dr. Hoskins did.

-Happy Patient

What brought me to Dr Hoskins was sheer good fortune and luck, and guidance from a dentist that was retiring and didn't want me as a patient. He recommended a "bright young dentist in town" that could help me. Fortunately, Dr Hoskins was perfect!

I didn't have one. I had lost it. I was embarrassed and frustrated to be in the public eye. I have a high profile job and I could feel my personality changing due to my dental appearance.

Coming to HF&CD is like coming home for Thanksgiving- nothing but warmth, smiles, hugs comforts of home. There were some long hours spent in the dental chair: long for me, long for the staff, but we worked together and with each visit, each step, each individually planned procedure, the goal was accomplished.

When the day came for the final procedure, we were all excited! And when I was handed the mirror to see the final result, it brought tears to my eyes. My smile was there, I was there in that mirror. What I had been hoping and wishing for, for over three years was given to me by Dr. Hoskins in just 12 months!

-Mark Blonstein

I would never show my smile! I was too embarrassed of my dark teeth.

I was quite nervous but also very excited. The staff and Dr Hoskins put me at ease and made it all very painless.

I am a different person! This is my dream come true!

-Brad Bays

Dr. Hoskins and his staff have a beautiful, modern office. Their hospitality is amazing and makes you feel completely confident in their abilities. My teeth were fine before but were never my idea of perfect. Thanks to Chris and Sandy, they are now beautiful and perfect. Most notably was the personal attention they applied to my case. Thank you for my PERFECT smile!

-Rebecca Dopher





Making the decision to have Dr. Hoskins improve my smile was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only was he, the staff, the facility and the equipment top-notch but the result was beyond my wildest imagination. My veneers look stunning yet very natural. I love the way I look. I love the way I smile. I love the confidence I now have when I grin from ear to ear.

-Ashley Ruth Wheeler






Before I met Dr. Hoskins I hated going to the dentist. I had a major fear of all dentistry work. He changed my life and gave me the beautiful teeth I have always wanted. My overall happiness has flew through the roof. I am so thankful!

-Maegan Kelso

Testimonial coming soon.

-Happy Patient

Testimonial coming soon.

-Happy Patient